What is the purpose of the ethanol fireplace?

The ethanol fireplace is a very aesthetic heating system preferred as the best alternative to conventional fireplaces. In contrast to the latter, the ethanol fireplace works on the basis of the combustion of ethanol. Read this article to know everything.

The ethanol fireplace: a wonderful tool

The ethanol fireplace is a major asset in the decoration of living environments. The ethanol fireplace is known for its great mobility. Discover more information on https://www.monclimatiseurmobile.com/cheminee/ethanol/. Indeed, it is a fireplace that does not have any flue for the extraction of smoke since it does not produce any. This allows anyone who uses it to position it at the optimal angle he or she wants. Built-in, suspended, on a coffee table, on the floor, mobile from one room to another, the ethanol fireplace bends to your desire for your pleasure.

These flames produce no crackling, no dust, no ashes, and no soot.  Odorless, the ethanol fireplace gives you a certain comfort. It allows you to visualize and feel the sensations of the dance of the flames. It has a simple mode of use and its installation is not complicated. Moreover, the range of models of this type of fireplace offers a wide enough range of products for your satisfaction.

The downside of the ethanol fireplace

Unlike conventional fireplaces, ethanol fireplaces do not give as much satisfaction in terms of heating. They have a low heating capacity with a maximum power of 500W. It is largely more expensive in terms of use than the classic fireplace because of the high cost of ethanol. A cost estimated at more than four times that of firewood.

In addition, the fuel used is not without danger. It is known to be highly flammable and capable of emitting carbon dioxide. The poor ventilation of the room can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning.